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Armory Large False True
Auto Shop Large False True
Barracks Large False True + 4 Beds -1 Morale || SS:
Command Center Small False False Every base comes with one built in
Farm Large False True
Field Hospital Large False True
Fighting Gym Small True True
Forge Large False True
Garden Small False True
Generator Small False True
Hydroponics Small True True
Infirmary Small True True
Kitchen Small True True
Latrine Small False True
Lounge Large False True
Outdoor Beds Small False True
Rain Collector Small False True
Secure Beds Small True False
Shooting Range Small True True
Sniper Tower Large False True
Solar Array Large False True
Staging Area Large False True
Still Small False True
Storage Small False False [For Prebuilt Use]
Trade Depot Large False True
Trash Small False False Can not be built. Sometimes provides materials when destroyed. Serves no purpose.
Unique Large False False [For Prebuilt Use
Watchtower Small False True
Workshop Small True True

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