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Hero Bonuses

Ammo Wishlist +1 Ammo/Day
Analytical Methods +50% Experience Rate
Back from the Edge +15 Max Health
Backrubs +5 Max Carrying Capacity
Breaks the Tension +3 Morale
Breathing Exercise +10 Max Stamina
Careful Demolition +1 Material/Day
Chillness +3 Morale
Cleaning Chart +50% Infection Resistance
Combat Demonstrations
Comforting Strength
Consistent Routine +1 Labour
Deep Responsibility
Detailed Checklist +33% Global Action Speed
Disassembly Instructions
Driver Training +25% Fuel Efficiency
Effective Sealants +5 Max Fuel Storage
Emergency Stashes +1 Charge of Emergency Supplies(Radio)
Exceptional Taste +3 Morale
Fighting Tips
Firearms Training +50% Shooting Exp Rate
Fitness Guru +50% Cardio Experience Rate
Formal Recognition +50% Standing Rewards
Frequent Check-ins -15% Radio Cooldowns
Friendly Outreach +15% Influence Gained
Friendly Reminders +1 Labor
Gives People Space +3 Morale
Good Entertainment +4 Morale
Good Example +33% Global Action Speed
Hard Choices +3 Morale
Hard Determination +10 Max Health
Hardware Index
Helpful Mockery +5 Max Stamina
High Expectations +33% Global Action Speed
Hygiene Standards +100 Infection Resistance
Impressive Moves
Inspiring Speeches +1 Charge of Inspiration (Radio)
Intramural Sports
Journal Writing +25% Exp Rate
Lights Out +15 Max Stamina
Meal Plan -25% Food Consumed Per Day
Mediation +6 Morale
Medical Inventory +5 Max Meds Storage
Medical Reference +1 Meds Per Day
Mending +5 Max Health
Moral Support +1 Charge of Encouragement(Radio)
Morning Yoga -25% Injury Severity
None [Not In Game] [For Traits Use Only]
Nose to Tail +1 Food/Day
Notices Things +25% Standing Rewards
Outdoor Living +2 Beds
Outdoorsman +2 Beds
Overcompensating +1 Labour
Pack Maintenance +10 Max Carrying Capacity
Party Planning +4 Morale
Personal Strength +5 Max Stamina
Pest Control +5 Max Food Storage
Positive Outlook +25% Exp rate
Pre-Packed Gear +5 Light Carrying Capacity
Quality Entertainment
Quiet Time -1 Zombie Threat
Reads Instructions +25% Parts Salvaged from Weapons
Ready Access Mags +5 Max Ammo Storage
Recycling Program +25% Parts Salvaged from Weapons
Responsibility +1 Labor
Rotation System +5 Max Food Storage
Sealed Containers +5 Max Food Storage
Seminars +50% Exp Rate
Setting the Pace +33% Global Action Speed
Sharpening Regimen -10% Durability Loss Per Hit (Melee)
Shooting Advice +25% Shooting Exp Rate
Siestas -20% Fatigue Severity
Silence Policy -2 Zombie Threat
SIncere Praise +25% Standing Rewards
Siphoning System +1 Fuel/Day
Social Chameleon +3 Morale
Sounding Board +50% Wits Experience Rate
Stacking System +5 Max Materials Storage
Storytelling +4 Morale
Sufficient Caution +1 Charge of Rooftop Recon (Radio)
Taking Risks +5 Max Health
Target of Sympathy +3 Morale
Tough Negotiation +30% Influence Gained
Vehicle Delivery +1 Charge of Deliver Salvaged Vehicle(Radio)
Veteran Instincts
Voice of Reason +5 Max Health
Words of Comfort +1 Charge of Encouragement(Radio)
Work Schedule +2 Labor

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