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Community Editor

Community Editor 0.7.4

- Edit the community resources
- Edit community name

- Revive dead survivors
- Edit, Add and remove traits
- Add and Delete skills - Edit skills and their levels

- Items broken down into Floor/Car/Container/Enclave and Player inventories
- Only see items on your current map
- Changing an item doesn't change all items of the same type
- Stack count and durability linked to each item
- Guns and weapon mods grouped together
- Replace/Add/Delete weapon mods
- Tag items for deletion (Useful for items that cannot be salvaged)

- Change vehicle type
- Set fuel amount

- Change Facility type

- Unlock all map icons
- Set time of day
- Unlock all Legacy boons

Please report issues to Heilos on the modding discord;
NameVersionDescription 0.7.4

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